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Hints, tips, suggestions and strategies for lower cost living in the 21st century. Helping you avoid or mitigate the effects of the soon to be imposed Carbon, Energy and Nutrient Taxes.

Without doubt, the current century is shaping up to be the most momentous in all of human history.

A “Perfect Storm” of circumstances unique to our time period are conspiring to produce a crisis of monumental proportions.

Human population is approaching 7 billion and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Freak weather events continue to decimate agricultural output the world over.

Evidence is growing suggesting that the peak of global oil supplies will occur at some point within the very near future after which there will be a permanent decline in the remaining supplies of oil and natural gas.

Economic advances by Brazil, India, China, and other emerging countries are dramatically intensifying competition for access to oil reserves, natural resources and food.

Because oil is so essential for economies there is a risk of intensification of economic, political and military conflict over the control of remaining resources and supplies.

Our economic and social structure is heavily dependent on cheap oil and gas.

Economic growth cannot continue in a world of declining oil supplies without serious consequences for our economy and financial system.

The Frugal Suburbanite offers articles of interest to those wishing to live a more frugal, less energy intensive lifestyle.

Step lightly on our planet, leave it a better place than you found it.

It’s the RIGHT thing to do.